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marek poliks

hull treader


hull treader [2015-2016]
studio album
Recorded by Simon Reynell and Marek Poliks at the University of Huddersfield and at the Harvard University Studios for ElectroAcoustic Composition and released on another timbre records

Part 1: hull not continent [2014]
for amplified quintet with electronics
Commissioned by TAK Ensemble and premiered at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music (NY). performed and recorded by Distractfold (Anthony Burgess Center, Manchester and Klang Festival, Copenhagen) and performed by Ensemble KNM Berlin (Klangwerkstatt Festival, Berlin).

Part 2: treader always in station [2014-2015]
for tabletop viola duo with homeade instruments and electronics
Written for and recorded by Elizabeth Weisser and John Pickford-Richards.

studio album (information)
hull not continent (studio version, excerpt)
hull not continent (video documentation, recommended)
hull not continent (audio documentation, live recording)
treader always in station (studio version, excerpt)
treader always in station (audio documentation, live recording)


"terrifying" / "mesmerizingly detailed" / "this really does stretch the mind’s conception of what is achievable." 
Musique Machine

"it’s like taking in a landscape – industrial, or post-industrial, in this case – only to discover the scene is in fact a vast organism with a mind of its own."
Boring Like a Drill (Ben Harper)

"this is fascinating music" / "i await future releases with something approaching a mixture of trepidation and anticipation." 
- Fanfare 40:1 (Marc Medwin)